We Would Hide, Too

Mar 06, 2010

We Would Hide, Too:

Walker Eats Caviar, Toasts Bush, Cowers From Press

MADISON-Scott Walker and his rich cronies will be dining on caviar and hummingbird wings tomorrow in a posh Milwaukee ballroom with John Ellis “Jeb” Bush, but don’t expect to see any footage of their champagne toasts to the Bush economic policies that took from working people to give to Lehman Brothers bankers.
That’s because the $2,000-per-table tribute Monday at the Pfister Hotel to George W. Bush is closed to the press.
The Democratic Party of Wisconsin, meanwhile, will be hosting a $10-per-brown-bag brat-and-beer supper a block away for those not fortunate enough to have profited off the Bush years of greed and recklessness.

“If Scott Walker wants to associate himself with the Bush legacy, he should not cower from the cameras,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate said Sunday. “Our brown bag supper Monday is wide open to the press. Why doesn’t Walker want the press inside the ballroom to witness him waltzing with Bush special interests? What do their caviar-covered mouths have to hide?”