East Coast Recyling: Phony

Mar 15, 2010

East Coast Recyling:

Phony “Brown Bag” Gimmick Exposed Again

MADISON-Scott Walker’s phony posturing is being exposed again with a story today that details the cynical underpinnings of the sham Walker “brown bag movement.”

Walker, who gave himself a $50,000 pay raise in 2008 and whose tax cuts would benefit only the richest one percent of Wisconsinites, has masked his advocacy against working people with the brown bag charade. Over the weekend news reports surfaced that, instead of lunch out of brown bags, Walker instead was treating himself to $2,000 steak dinners.

Now comes an an Associated Press story that confirms earlier reports that Walker’s gimmick was lifted wholesale from an East Coast public relations firm, virtually word-for-word.

“Scott Walker had to go to the East Coast to pay for hired guns to coach him on how to talk to Wisconsin working people. Everyone knows that this is not something Walker does naturally. If he’s paying this kind of money to dupe working families, at least get him some new material,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday.


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