DPW Chair Mike Tate Calls on Walker, GOP Followers to Rescind Policies

Mar 22, 2010

Cancel Your Taxpayer-Funded Health Insurance:

DPW Chair Mike Tate Calls on Walker, GOP Followers to Rescind Policies

MADISON-Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate released the following statement today, calling on Scott Walker and his 34 Republican followers in the Legislature to renounce their taxpayer-funded health insurance as they seek to have J.B. Van Hollen pursue frivolous lawsuits to prevent health care reform:

“Scott Walker and his 34 Republican followers in the Legislature should cancel their policies immediately. Let them be like the rest of us for once. We’ll see if these hypocrites can find the same kind of coverage from the big insurance companies that they now seek to protect

Let’s be clear: A big talker like Scott Walker has been on the public dime since 1993, enjoying great health care and pension benefits. He is a career politician who hasn’t one thing to fix the health care system, has had himself and his family covered by taxpayer-funded insurance – so now let this big talker ‘walk the walk.’

At heart is the hypocrisy of well-paid elected officials who see nothing wrong with denying health care to others when it is taxpayers who have paid for their comfortable lifestyles, with good pensions and the kind of health care they don’t think the rest of Wisconsin deserves.

They’ve got theirs at the taxpayer’s expense, but seniors, students and working families can live with the uncertainty of getting sick and going to the poorhouse. At every turn, these Republicans who get taxpayer-funded health care have opposed taxpayer-funded health care like Medicare for seniors, TriCare for military families and BadgerCare for working families.

So, today, we’re beginning a petition calling on Scott Walker and his Republican followers to cancel their insurance policies and give up their taxpayer-funded health insurance, even as they seek out right-wing activist judges to block health care for the rest of us.

As for Scott Walker, it’s easy for a career politician like him to pretend that he’s a working man when his paid staff is packing a brown bag lunch for him in the fancy kitchen he paid for with a $50,000 raise. Now Scott Walker, who has never once complained about getting taxpayer-funded insurance calling, on right-wing attorney generals and activist judges, who also get taxpayer-funded health care, to stop health care reform.”