Wall Gets Slammed for

Feb 21, 2010

Wall Gets Slammed for ‘Negative’ and ‘Misleading’ ‘Attack Ads’

UW Professor Goldstein: “Usually campaigns try and give people a little sorbet to cleanse their pallet before they start the negative advertising”

MADISON – On yesterday’s edition of Up Front with Mike Gousha, UW-Madison Political Science Professor Ken Goldstein said he was surprised by multimillionaire, real estate magnate Terrence Wall’s decision “to come right out of the chute with a negative ad.” 


This comes as the Green Bay Press-Gazette Editorial Boardlast week lamented the fact that Wall’s “Political attack ads”have already begun – “signaling a long campaign season ahead.”  The editorial also noted that the Associated Press has called Wall’s ad “misleading.”


“It appears that Wall is willing to do anything to take the spotlight off of the fact that he hasn’t paid state income taxes nine of the last 10 years,” said Mike Tate, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.  “Why does Terrence Wall believe there is one set of rules for him, and another for the rest of us?”


While Wall has criticized questions and coverage by the media on his taxes as engaging in the “politics of personal destruction,” Wall continues the mudslinging and personal attacks on Senator Feingold. 


During a recent interview with the Wisconsin Voice of Christian Youth (WVCY) television program ‘In Focus,’ Wall claimed that the two things that separate him most from Senator Russ Feingold are Wall’s “Honesty” and “Integrity.”


In the same WVCY interview, Wall even had the audacity to say that he’s “concerned about the value system” of Senator Feingold.  Wall continued: “I mean [he doesn’t] seem to have a fundamental foundation of values… principles…”


“The people of Wisconsin will see through these types of desperate, personal attacks,” Tate concluded.