Scott Walker

Feb 16, 2010

Scott Walker’s Olympic Triple Flip-Flop:

A Gold Medal in Stimulated Hypocrisy

MADISON-Scott Walker has relied heavily on funds made available by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to plug holes in the budgets he has broken.
But don’t expect the Olympic-caliber flip-flopper to mark the one-year anniversary of the passage of that bill today.
That’s because the failed Milwaukee County executive has earned a gold medal in hypocrisy, twisting and turning and flip-flopping and denouncing the very bill upon which he has so heavily relied, including $130 million for his last budget.
“It is the one-year anniversary of the biggest jobs-creation bill in a generation. Scott Walker opposed it publicly to score political points. But then he lands a triple flip flop, trying to take credit for the very funds that he opposed,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “I thought Brian Boitano and Johnny Weir had some moves, but Scott Walker has done a triple flip-flop on the recovery money without even breaking a sweat.” 

“He badly wants to be governor, but would he really have turned down the countless jobs for firefighters, teachers and police officers that were saved by the act?” Tate said. “Not even an Olympic-sized hypocrite like Walker could slalom around that question.”

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