Scott Walker

Feb 18, 2010

Scott Walker’s in a Gator State:

Walker Says Hello to Campaign Cash From Sunny Florida

MADISON-He favors shipping federal rail dollars from Wisconsin to Florida, he’s having a$2,000-per-table lobster fundraiser at a fancy hotel with the former governor of Florida, and on Wednesday Scott Walker hopped on a private jet to Orlando and an $800-per-night resort to shake down thousands of dollars from road builders.

“We in Wisconsin think Florida is a good fit for Scott Walker,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “He has brought hurricane-like devastation to Milwaukee County’s budget and he must prefer the Miami heat to questions about why he’d hop on private jets to shake down campaign cash at Orlando resorts.”

Walker’s Florida vacation was first reported by Milwaukee radio host Mark Belling, who said of the trip on his show Wednesday  that, “My guess is that they figured nobody would find out about it. “

“To run down there like a lap dog to see them in Florida….is something for which Walker should be slapped upside the head,” Belling said.

It’s the latest Florida-related head-scratcher from Walker, who earlier in the week announced that big-bucks Wisconsin donors could spend $1,000 to get their picture taken at a March fundraiser with him and John Ellis “Jeb” Bush, the former governor of Florida who left the state with record unemployment and an historic real estate crisis.

Earlier this month, Walker announced his opposition to $820 million in already-existing federal rail funds that would create thousands of jobs here in Wisconsin, preferring, instead, that the jobs be sent such places as his adoptive state of Florida.

“On the plus side, the more time Walker spends in Florida, the less time he can spend opposing job-creation here in Wisconsin,” Tate said.