Wall Launches Statewide Tax Dodge Tour

Jan 18, 2010

Wall Launches Statewide Tax Dodge Tour

Republican Primary Candidate Pays $0 in State Income Taxes,

Writes $275,000 Check to Campaign


Madison, WI – Multi-millionaire, real estate magnate Terrence Wall is traveling the state today and tomorrow with a series of private events that are closed to the public under a cloud of questions about why he paid no state income taxes in four of the last five years.


“Wall doesn’t deny the fact that he didn’t pay state income taxes in four of the last five years and he refuses to answer questions about how a multi-millionaire can claim that he owes no state income taxes,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, “The fact that he has closed his events to the public shows that he isn’t interested in listening to questions about his tax troubles.”


 According to the required personal financial disclosure report Wall recently filed, Wall reported income between $3,494,197 to $15,273,332 and reported personal assets totaling $58,584,046 to $129,862,000. In a November interview with Wispolitics, Wall scoffed at the idea he’s not paying his fair share in taxes, saying,“There’s no such thing as ‘What is your fair share?”


“It has to be awfully hard for a multi-millionaire who doesn’t pay any state income taxes and then writes a $275,000 check to his campaign to convince voters that he can represent ‘ordinary people,”’ Tate said, “In this political environment voters are going to conclude that Wall is an elitist who thinks there are one set of rules for him and another for the rest of us.”

WTMJ-TV4Wispolitics.com,  the Associated Press, Wisconsin State Journal, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and have all reported on Wall’s tax controversy.


Last week Wall announced that he raised $500,000 for his campaign but it was later revealed that he had written a $275,000 check to his campaign. Wall has said that he will need to spend seven to ten million dollars on his campaign.


Wall will wrap up his statewide tax dodge tour on Wednesday night in Middleton where he has asked people to “max out” with $4,800 contributions to his “Senators Club” in return for special access to his campaign.