Statement of DPW Chair Mike Tate on President Obama

Jan 27, 2010

Statement of DPW Chair Mike Tate on

President Obama’s State of the Union Address


MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate released the following statement regarding President Obama’s State of the Union address.


“President Obama tonight made a clear and strong call during his State of the Union address for measures to create jobs and ease the burdens still facing middle-class families after the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
“His first such address to Congress comes after a year of difficult but steady progress, in which his measures brought the world’s financial and credit systems back from the brink, began the long road to recovery, and created a set of economic tools that will lower the deficit, create jobs and bring prosperity.
“Whether it be on deficit reduction, the creation of clean-energy jobs or bringing common-sense accountability to the big banks and creditors that helped cause the current crisis, President Obama has promised that he will not pass problems down to further generations or walk away from the commitments he made. We stand behind him as he continues to lead and make the tough choices on behalf of the American people.”