DPW Chair Mike Tate Statement on the Wisconsin C.O.R.E. Jobs Act

Dec 10, 2009

DPW Chair Mike Tate Statement on
the Wisconsin C.O.R.E. Jobs Act

MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate released the following statement on Legislative Democrats’ Wisconsin C.O.R.E. Jobs Act, a comprehensive economic development package, which will keep Wisconsin on the track to economic recovery.
“The C.O.R.E. Jobs Act proposed by Legislative Democrats is exactly what Wisconsin needs. Already we have seen declining unemployment numbers, a new state tax ranking which puts us on track with the nation, and an aggressive jobs agenda championed by Democrats in the legislature. The C.O.R.E. Jobs Act builds upon these accomplishments and solidifies Wisconsin’s economic stability.
“C.O.R.E. lives up to its name by connecting opportunity, research, and entrepreneurship. The provisions of the act make it easier for entrepreneurs to expand and access funding that can accelerate business growth while creating jobs across the state. As a result, Wisconsin’s resources will be leveraged in a way that will create good-paying jobs for Wisconsin workers and stability for families across the state, by focusing on creation of new jobs and businesses and investing in worker education and training.
“Wisconsin Democrats have once again shown they are working to move Wisconsin in the right direction. While Republicans continue to sit on the sidelines and cast stones, Democrats are providing true leadership to set Wisconsin on a path to continued economic recovery and job creation. This actions of this Democratic administration will keep Wisconsin as a national leader in innovation and technology that shapes the future.”