DPW Seeking Nominations for Eleanor Roosevelt Tribute

Sep 01, 2009

Seeking Nominations for Eleanor Roosevelt Tribute

Download a Nomination Form

Eleanor Roosevelt was a true social activist who continues to serve as an inspiration to those who have come after her. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin honors Eleanor and her public service at our annual Eleanor Roosevelt Tribute. 

As part of this gathering, we recognize the work of four women who have made outstanding contributions to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

We are now seeking nominations in four categories:

1      Grassroots Activist: A local woman who has worked to organize in her area and has gone above and beyond to better serve Democrats. She is first and foremost a member of the community, and she works as hard as she does, not for a paycheck, but because the issues and the people matter to her. 

2      Local Elected Leader: She must be a current or former elected official at the municipal, county, or legislative level. In her leadership capacity, she has worked to improve the lives of her constituents in every way possible, and has especially been mindful of the issues that impact women the most. 

3      Marlys Matuszak Statewide Impact: This woman has had a far-reaching effect on state politics and government. She has championed Democratic causes and ideals, and her activism and passion are inspirational to all. 

4      Rising Star: She must be under the age of 30 and someone who has a significant amount of potential. She has worked above and beyond to further Democratic causes and has, time and time again, displayed outstanding commitment.


To nominate a woman for any of these categories, please fill out a nomination form and return it by September 18th to:

Democratic Party of Wisconsin

110 King St. Suite 203

Madison, WI 53703

All nominees will be considered by a panel of women appointed by the DPW Chair. Please contact Maggie Brick with any questions by phone at (608) 260-2405 or via email at maggieb@wisdems.org