Mark Neumann: Officially Ready to Party Like It's 1995

Jun 30, 2009

Mark Neumann:
Officially Ready to Party Like It’s 1995

 GOP taps yet another mid-90’s has-been in an attempt to fill leadership void


MADISON – Desperate to fill a glaring leadership void, Republicans have tapped former Congressman Mark Neumann to run for governor. Neumann, who served in congress from 1995 to 1999, filed his official paperwork today with the Government Accountability Board.
“It’s official. Mark Neumann is ready to party like it’s 1995,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman, Mike Tate. “It looks like the GOP has trotted out yet another mid-90’s retread politician to help save their ever-shrinking party.”
Wisconsin voters haven’t heard much from Neumann since he retreated into obscurity following his loss in the 1998 US Senate race. And there’s a reason: he hasn’t had anything new to say. For his announcement, Neumann merely dusted off a few speeches from 1995 and selected remarks at random.
“Mark Neumann offers no new ideas and no real solutions, just the same tired talking points repeated by GOP leaders back in the Gingrich era,” said Tate.
During his time in Congress, Neumann’s opinions and beliefs were exposed to be far out of step with the views of Wisconsin voters. From privatizing schools and social security to supporting discrimination and outlawing abortion, Neumann took positions far outside of the mainstream.
“Mark Neumann espouses the very same failed policies that got brought us into this mess in the first place,” said Tate. “Wisconsin citizens can’t afford Neumann’s outdated approach to governing.”

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Authorized and Paid For By the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Michael J. Tate, Chair