Scott Walker Shipping Wisconsin Business to Duluth

Jun 21, 2009

Scott Walker Shipping Wisconsin Business to Duluth

Walker’s Motorcycle Entourage to Bed at Duluth Hotel Tonight,
Five Minutes from Superior, WI

MADISON – Republican gubernatorial wannabe Scott Walker and his motorcycle entourage will splurge on expensive out-of-state hotel rooms in Duluth, MN following tonight’s campaign tour — rather than supporting a Superior, WI hotel located just five minutes away.
Walker and his entourage will occupy 25 rooms at the Hampton Inn in Duluth tonight, June 22, at $157 per-night, representing a total gift of $3,925 from Walker to the state of Minnesota.
“Despite his campaign rhetoric, Wisconsin businesses clearly aren’t good enough for Scott Walker,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “When it comes to supporting Wisconsin businesses and jobs, Scott Walker talks the talk, but he doesn’t walk the walk.”
See the official “2009 Executives’ Ride” schedule, which lists the hotels Walker’s group will stay at: http://www.milwaukee.gov/ImageLibrary/Groups/cntyExecutive/Harley_Ride_2009/2009_HOTELS_list.pdf
A call to the Hampton Inn confirmed that all 25 rooms in Walker’s block have already been reserved, meaning that Walker’s entourage will fork over a total of $3,925 to the state of Minnesota. Walker is illegally using a combination of taxpayer dollars and corporate contributions to fund the campaign tour.

In the event that Walker chooses to reconsider his hotel choice, the DPW has taken the liberty of mapping out a route to a nearby Wisconsin hotel. Rooms at the Best Western in Superior, located just five minutes from where Walker will stay, run for just $89 per-night. See the directions to the Best Western: http://www.mapquest.com/mq/5-kgHq

“At a time when Wisconsin businesses are in need of support, Scott Walker is splurging on out-of-state hotel rooms and showering Minnesota businesses with thousands of Wisconsin dollars,” said Tate.

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Authorized and paid for by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Mike Tate, Chair