DPW Statement on Republican Fundraiser Hypocrisy

May 27, 2009

MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) Executive Director Jason Stephany today issued the following statement after the Republican Party of Wisconsin attacked Senate Democrats for hosting an event during the budget process. Ironically, Senate Republicans are having a fundraiser of their own on the very same day.

“The next time the Republican Party decides to attack Democrats for hosting an event during the budget process, the least they could do is a little homework to ensure they’re not having a fundraiser on the exact same day.

“The GOP has already held numerous fundraisers during the budget process, and to attack Senate Democrats – on the same day Republicans will be at MillerPark begging for campaign cash – goes beyond hypocrisy. Their own leader in the Senate, Scott Fitzgerald, will be throwing a high-dollar cocktail reception at a swank country club just a few days later.

“Apparently, Republicans haven’t learned that people in glass houses, or glass country clubs for that matter, should not throw stones.”