Republicans Reject Ryan

Apr 02, 2009

293 Members of Congress Vote No
on Ryan’s Fiscal Scheme

MADISON – 293 Members of Congress, including 20 percent of House Republicans voted against Janesville Republican Paul Ryan’s alternate budget last night, killing the bill and sending a clear message that Americans won’t stand for more of the same failed Bush-policies and multi-trillion dollar tax cuts for the rich Ryan was proposing.

“A bi-partisan group of 293 Members of Congress repudiated Paul Ryan’s budget last night,” said Joe Wineke, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “Ryan couldn’t even get his fellow Republicans to line up and support his extreme budget, which included trillions in Bush-style tax cuts for the rich, and nothing for working families.”

In addition to tax cuts for the rich and big corporations, Ryan’s budget included a plan to rescind the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and gut and privatize Medicare, turning it into a voucher program.

“Thankfully, President Obama and Democrats in Congress are moving forward with a budget that makes the tough choices we need to turn our economy around, protects the priorities of middle-class Americans, and cuts the deficit in half over the next four years,” said Wineke.

Below is a list of House Republicans who voted against Ryan’s budget.

Joe Barton, (R-Texas); Gus Bilirakis, (R-Florida); Ginny Brown-Waite, (R-Florida); Vern Buchanan, (R-Florida); Michael Burgess, (R-Texas); Ahn “Joseph” Cao, (R-Louisiana); Shelly Moore Capito, (R-West Virginia); Michael Castle, (R-Delaware); John Duncan Jr., (R-Tennessee); Jo Ann Emerson, (R-Missouri); Jim Gerlach, (R-Pennsylvania); Dean Heller, (R-Nevada); Lynn Jenkins, (R-Kansas); Timothy Johnson, (R-Illinois); Peter King, (R-New York); Mark Steven Kirk, (R-Illinois); Leonard Lance, (R-New Jersey); Tom Latham, (R-Iowa); Steven C. LaTourette, (R-Ohio); Chris Lee, (R-New York); Frank LoBiondo, (R-New Jersey); Connie Mack, (R-Florida); Thaddeus McCotter, (R-Michigan); John McHugh, (R-New York); Candice Miller, (R-Michigan); Tim Murphy, (R-Pennsylvania); Ron Paul, (R-Texas); Todd Platts, (R-Pennsylvania); Dave Reichert, (R-Washington); Mike Rogers, (R-Michigan); Tom Rooney, (R-Florida); Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, (R-Florida); Christopher Smith, (R-New Jersey); Mark Souder, (R-Indiana); Fred Upton, (R-Michigan); Greg Walden, (R-Oregon); Frank Wolf, (R-Virginia); C. W. “Bill” Young, (R-Florida)