Assembly Republicans Block Health Care Reform

Apr 22, 2009

Republicans Say ‘No’ to Progress,
‘No’ to Expanded Access to Health Care

MADISON – Assembly Republicans today moved to delay a vote on meaningful health care reform that would limit insurance companies’ ability to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions. The bill, AB 100, would provide coverage to those who need care most, while reducing costs to patients.

“While Democrats are working to secure affordable health care for working families, Republicans continue to say ‘no’ to reform,” said Joe Wineke, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “By blocking this bill today, Republicans stood on the side of big insurance companies, and stood against families who are struggling to keep up with rising health care costs.”

If passed, the bill would expand coverage by reforming pre-existing condition rules and reducing the pre-existing condition exclusion period from two years to one year.

The bill would also prevent insurance companies from using false standards to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, and prohibit new barriers to health care coverage.  

“This is an issue that is affecting all families as the cost of health care skyrockets and continues to strain family budgets,” said Wineke. “Republicans voted against our families today when they sided with the insurance companies and blocked these meaningful reforms.”