EXPOSED: Indicted Felon Scott Jensen Crafting Message for MacIver Institute

Mar 15, 2009

MacIver Institute Caught Lying to Public About
Jensen’s Role, Documents Show

MADISON – Indicted felon and former Assembly Republican Speaker Scott Jensen has been secretly crafting message and manipulating results for the MacIver Institute for Public Policy, according to newly exposed documents, debunking the group’s lies that Jensen has no formal role in its message.

A recent expose by Eye on Wisconsin revealed that Jensen is actually authoring the MacIver Institute’s press releases and its polling data spreadsheets, while he awaits retrial on several felony misconduct in office charges. (Source: Eye on Wisconsin 3.9.09, http://eye-on-wisconsin.blogspot.com/2009/03/shady-org-lies-about-jensen-ties.html)

“The MacIver Institute is a new right-wing conservative front group, and indicted felon Scott Jensen is secretly directing its message,” said Joe Wineke, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “If the MacIver Institute can’t be trusted to tell the truth about Scott Jensen’s involvement, then they certainly can’t be trusted to tell the truth about the polling data and policy proposals they are pushing.”

Before Jensen was exposed as the group’s spinster-in-chief, MacIver spokesman Bob Reddin lied to reporters and members of the public about Jensen’s role.

“He has no formal role. There are currently no plans to add him, either,” said Reddin. (Source: WisPolitics PM Update, 3.4.09)

After a reporter informed Reddin that Jensen is listed as the author of the group’s press releases and data spreadsheets, Redding attempted to walk back his lie.

“Scott is one of the people that we have talked about that has been a contributor throughout all of this time,” said Redding. “He is one of many people who see the releases that I write. He is one of many people that makes suggestions as to how best to alternate the wording, if you will, to make sure that the wording is exactly what we wanted to be.” (Source: WisPolitics REPORT, 3.13.09)

“An indicted felon is working behind the scenes to spin the MacIver Institute’s research and survey results,” said Wineke. “Reporters should be aware that this ultra-conservative group’s research will always be skewed to make right-wing candidates and right-wing policies look more popular than they actually are.”

Jensen, of Waukesha, was charged in 2002 along with fellow GOP leaders in the Assembly with using taxpayer dollars to run a secret and illegal campaign machine out of the Capitol. Jensen is currently awaiting retrial on several felony misconduct in office charges.