DPW Chair Wineke Statement on Attorney General Van Hollen

Mar 15, 2009

MADISON Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Joe Wineke today released the following statement regarding Attorney General JB Van Hollen’s partisan attack on Governor Doyle’s budget:

“Attorney General JB Van Hollen today used his state office and taxpayer resources to launch a hyper-partisan political attack on Governor Doyle, a full six weeks after the Governor’s budget was introduced.

“Apparently Van Hollen didn’t learn his lesson last fall when he got skewered by the courts and editorial boards for using his state office to play political games and manipulate the election to score points with his Republican Party bosses.

“Maybe instead of treating state employees like campaign staffers, and taxpayer funds like his political piggy bank, Van Hollen should stop and do the job he was elected to do for once in his career.”