DPW Chair Wineke Applauds President Obama

Mar 12, 2009

Obama’s Budget Plan will Make Historic Investments in
Energy Independence, Affordable Health Care and Education

MADISON – As Congress begins to take up President Obama’s budget plan, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Joe Wineke issued the following statement in support of the President’s plan to rebuild and renew America.

“Here in Wisconsin people are feeling the pain from the national recession. With unemployment rising and families struggling to pay their bills, we cannot afford to just say ‘no’ to new progress. That’s why it’s so important for Republicans and Democrats in Congress to come together and support President Obama’s groundbreaking budget plan. 

“The President’s plan responds to the economic crisis he inherited from George W. Bush. It recognizes that we need to make tough choices now – choices we’ve avoided for too long – to end the era of fiscal irresponsibility and reckless spending that has left our county bankrupt.  

“Equally important, the budget invests in America’s future. By investing in energy, health care, and education, we will put Wisconsin’s citizens back to work and make 21st century improvements to areas that have been neglected for too long. This plan created real opportunities for the private sector to thrive.  

“Times are tough, but the future is not bleak. By making these tough choices now, we can get our country back on track. Every Member of Congress should join President Obama in passing a budget that rebuilds and renews America now.”