DPW Chair Wineke Response to Scott Walker

Feb 15, 2009

MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Joe Wineke today released the following statement in response to MilwaukeeCountyExecutive and likely gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker’s State of the CountyAddress.

“It is pathetic that Scott Walker decided to use his state of the county address as a platform to launch his campaign for governor. It is even more pathetic that he had to use fuzzy math and impossible gimmicks like state sales tax holidays to distract from his countless failures as countyexecutive.

“As Walker has already acknowledged, redirecting federal stimulus money towards a sales tax holiday would be impossible under the law. Furthermore, Walker’s crazy claim that the sales tax holiday would translate into $3,000 in savings for the average family assumes that each household will go out and spend $60,000 on taxable goods. What ‘average’ family has that kind of disposable income?

“Walker’s county tax holidays are based on the assumption that Milwaukee County might get as much as $500 million or more in federal stimulus aid, which is ridiculous considering that Walker has already said ‘no thanks’ to the federal stimulus funding.

“Scott Walker is obviously blind to reality and has no clue how to fix the problems we are facing. Someone needs to tell Walker that implementing more of the same failed Bush economic policies is not the answer.”