Statement of DPW Chair Joe Wineke on RNC ACORN Conference Call

Oct 01, 2008

MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Joe Wineke today issued the following statement in response to the Republican National Committee’s desperate attempt to change the conversation away from the economy and the financial crisis by manufacturing myths about widespread voter fraud. 

“After two weeks of flailing about and sending mixed messages on the economy that failed to resonate with the American people, the Republicans are now falling in the polls and desperate to change the topic away from the economy.

“There is no widespread voter fraud in Wisconsin, as Republican U.S. Attorney Steve Biskupic has already confirmed following a thorough investigation. The Republicans are fabricating stories about widespread voter fraud in attempts to scare voters and divert attention away from the financial crisis that marks the final verdict on the disastrous Bush-McCain economic policies.

”Instead of spending time scaring and confusing voters with baseless lawsuits and myths about widespread voter fraud, the Republicans should be working to ensure that every eligible voter in Wisconsin has the right to cast his or her ballot.”