Statement of DPW Chair Joe Wineke on Joe Biden

Oct 01, 2008

MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Joe Wineke today issued the following statement on Joe Biden’s decisive victory in the vice presidential debate and Sarah Palin’s failure to offer anything beyond the same Bush-McCain policies that have wrecked havoc on our economy and hurt our standing in the world.

“Tonight, the American people saw why Barack Obama chose Joe Biden, a statesman from Scranton who clearly has the experience and knowledge to be a great Vice President. Meanwhile, Governor Palin was a strong voice for the McCain campaign, but she didn’t have any answers for America’s middle class.

“While Joe Biden offered a clear plan to get our economy back on track, improve our standing in the world and rebuild the middle class, Sarah Palin did nothing more than champion the same failed polices of George Bush, that are supported by John McCain.”