Oct 30, 2008

Sending an Unethical Career Politician
 to Washington… Now that’s Scary!

MADISON – Before losing his race for Congress in 2006, John Gard roamed the halls of the marble mausoleum in Madison for nearly two decades, making him the ultimate career politician.

“While in office, Gard learned to manipulate the system, using political tricks to treat himself to tens of thousands of dollars in extra per-diem payments and special interest goodies,” said Joe Wineke, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair. “Sending another unethical career politician like John Gard to Washington…now that’s scary!”

John Gard’s Career of Unethical Behavior:

1987 –  Elected to Assembly.

1988 –  Charged with campaign finance violations.
             (Source: WisconsinState Journal, 10/21/89, 5/13/90)

1989 –  Refused to pay fine for violation.
             (Source: Green Bay Press Gazette, 9/22/89, 10/20/89) 

1991 – Voted against creating ethics code.
             (Source: Wisconsin Blue Book, 1993-1994)

1992 – Violated Assembly voting rules.
             (Source: WisconsinState Journal, 3/1/92)

1994 – Caught padding travel allowances.
             (Source: The Capital Times, 7/7/94)

1997 – Ethics board asked to review Gard vote.
             (Source: The Capital Times, 8/21/97; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/18/97)

1999 – Allowed lobbyists to shape health care bill.
             (Source: AP, 10/10/99)           

            Took money from special interests just prior to vote. 
             (Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/7/99)         

            Moved to Sun Prairie – continued to take Peshtigo per-diem.   
             (Source: Warranty Deed #3181851, 12/19/99; AP, 2/6/04)           

            Took $13,350 in expenses.  
             (Source: The Capital Times, 1/26/00)

2002 – Elected House Speaker after friend and ally indicted.  
             (Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/14/02)

            Names indicted former speaker Scott Jensen committee chair.  
             (Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/14/02)

            Names indicted ally Steven Foti Majority Leader.
             (Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/13/02)

2003 –  Accepts $21,375 from road builders during budget debate.

              (Source: The Capital Times, 5/20/03)

            Accused of violating open meetings law.
             (Source: The Capital Times, 12/17/03)

2004 –  Accused of vote trading.  
             (Source: The Capital Times, 2/16/04)

2006 –   Gard ally Steven Foti goes to jail.
             (Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/28/06) 

            Gard’s political mentor, Scott Jensen, sentenced to prison.  
             (Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/17/06)

             Gard loses election to Steve Kagen

2006 – 2008 – ???

2008 – The same old Gard is back!

To read more about “The Same Old Gard”, please visit: http://www.wisdems.org/gard.asp.