On Green Bay TV, One False Ad Goes Down, Another One Comes Up

Oct 20, 2008

Coalition for America’s Families Now Spreading Lies About
’Free Health Care for Illegal Aliens’

MADISON – Two days after one shady group’s false TV ads targeting Rep. Jim Soletski came off the air in Green Bay, more false ads from a new group, the Coalition for America’s Families are up on the air pushing the same lies about Soletski supporting “free health care for illegal aliens.”

Soletski has never endorsed or voted for the legislation that he is being attacked on. Despite this fact, the ad claims that the legislation is, “Soletski’s government run health care plan.” The news prompted the Democratic Party of Wisconsin today to send letters to the Green Bay TV stations demanding that the stations pull the false ads for good.  

“Voters don’t deserve to be lied to continually by these outside groups that will stop at nothing to promote their special interest agendas,” said Joe Wineke, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair. “That’s why we are calling on the Green Bay TV stations to pull down these outrageously false ads once and for all.”

The new ads are being paid for by a Virginia-based group calling itself the Coalition for America’s Families, which is funded by unknown special interests and anonymous donors.

Last week, the Green Bay Press Gazette wrote that the Healthy Wisconsin legislation the ad refers to never came up for a vote in the Assembly, and Soletski never endorsed it.

A pattern has emerged across the state with the Coalition for America’s Families and other shadow groups airing false, misleading and deceptive advertisements against other Democratic Assembly candidates

Wisconsin law prohibits anyone, including a media outlet from publishing “a false representation pertaining to a candidate or referendum which is intended or tends to affect voting at an election.” The ads in question are repeating factually incorrect statements and misrepresenting Rep. Soletski’s voting record.