Candidate Jo Egelhoff Deleted Own Editorials to Hide True Positions from Voters

Oct 23, 2008

 Column Reveals the Jo Egelhoff that Jo Egelhoff
 Doesn’t Want You to Know About

MADISON – Jo Egelhoff, Republican candidate for the 57th Assembly District, admitted to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel yesterday that as she announced her run for Assembly, she deleted numerous editorials that revealed her true thoughts on the issues most important to Appleton residents.

The paper reveals that Egelhoff has been hiding her true positions on a wide range of issues, ever since she began her campaign for Assembly. Read the story: http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=809683

“The fact that Jo Egelhoff would go to such lengths to hide her extreme views on kitchen table issues like the economy, health care, education, and jobs really says something about the kind of representative she would be,” said Joe Wineke, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “I hope that voters educate themselves about the real Jo Egelhoff and reject her politics.”

Egelhoff’s deleted editorials originated on FoxPolitics.net, the political website that she managed before becoming a candidate for the State Assembly. Her entries reveal, among other things, her desire to shut down all 2-year colleges, like UW Fox Valley, the local 2-year institution.

She also sided with the big oil companies that have been gouging consumers, calling those working families “gas price whiners.”  And she flip-flopped on the issue of allowing Wisconsin residents to carry guns on playgrounds, in churches and in malls, securing the endorsement and political resources of the National Rifle Association.

Egelhoff’s position on SeniorCare, a popular program that was recently saved by a bi-partisan effort last year, is also questionable. In an editorial dated 4/11/2007, Egelhoff wrote:

“An entitlement? Of course, SeniorCare is an entitlement. A charity program, operated with your tax dollars and mine. Just like Social Security and Medicare – government programs that were/are sold as insurance programs, but indeed, always were very apparent giveaway programs.” This editorial has not been deleted and can be viewed at http://www.foxpolitics.net/politics.iml?mdl=email_article.mdl&ID=4517.

“It’s one thing to have unpopular opinions, it’s another to intentionally hide them for political gain,” said Wineke. “Jo Egelhoff represents the same out of touch, divisive politics we don’t need in Wisconsin.”