Oct 19, 2008

50 Reasons Voters Don’t Want the Same Old Gard

MADISON – After being rejected by voters in 2006, career politician John Gard is running for the 8th Congressional District seat again on his same old extreme record with his same old unethical behavior. The hard-working families of northeast Wisconsin do not share his extreme values, and that’s why this Bush-Cheney Republican will lose again.

During the 50 days leading up to the general election on November 4, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will list 50 reasons why voters should reject the same old failed leadership and same old out-of-touch agenda of Republican candidate John Gard – and send Democrat Steve Kagen back to our nation’s capital to represent northeast Wisconsin for a second term.

Reason #15 – Gard Received a 17 Percent Rating from the Wisconsin Association of School Boards

John Gard received a mere 17 percent from the Wisconsin Association of School Boards for his votes regarding education in the 2005-06 legislative session. Gard’s score was the lowest in the state Assembly. (Source: Wisconsin Association of School Boards 2005-06 Legislative Report Card)

To read more about “The Same Old Gard”, please visit: http://www.wisdems.org/gard.asp.