Democratic Party Files Motion to Intervene in Lawsuit

Sep 15, 2008

If Van Hollen Won’t Drop Baseless, Hyper-Partisan Lawsuit, DPW Must be
Party to the Suit to Ensure the Votes of Every Eligible Voter Are Counted

MADISON – The Democratic Party of Wisconsin today filed a motion in DaneCounty Circuit Court to intervene in Attorney General JB Van Hollen’s lawsuit against the Government Accountability Board to ensure that the votes of every eligible voter are counted this November.

Last week, Van Hollen – the co-chair of John McCain’s Wisconsin campaign – used his state office and taxpayer resources to file a politically motivated lawsuit designed to disenfranchise voters and sway the election in favor of his candidate.

“If Van Hollen won’t drop his baseless, hyper-partisan lawsuit, then the Democratic Party has no choice but to intervene to make sure the up to one million eligible Wisconsin voters his suit targets do not lose their right to vote,” said Joe Wineke, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “By being a party to the lawsuit, we will be able to protect the fundamental American right of all eligible voters to have their votes counted.”

The petition asks Dane County Circuit Court Judge Maryann Sumi to grant the DPW’s request to become a party to the lawsuit. The DPW has a direct interest in the matter – ensuring voter enfranchisement – and as a party to the lawsuit, would be ensured a voice in the outcome.

Van Hollen’s lawsuit would essentially exploit honest mistakes like typos and clerical errors to challenge thousands of eligible Wisconsinites of their right to vote. Republicans themselves have admitted “no list is perfect.”

“We know Republicans will be out in full force this fall trying to prevent legitimate voters from exercising their most basic American freedom – and Van Hollen’s lawsuit is just the tip of the iceberg,” Wineke said. “The Democratic Party of Wisconsin will not let this happen, and by being a party to this lawsuit, we will ensure that every legitimate vote is counted on November 4.”