McCain "Debates" Confirm Wisconsinites Can't Trust John McCain

Mar 23, 2008

Fresh from the Senator’s campaign trip at taxpayer expense to Iraq and the Middle East, the first spirited exchange will focus on the war in Iraq, and feature not-to-be-missed questions about the threat of Saddam Hussein, the ease of success in Iraq, and true feelings about the Donald Rumsfeld strategy. The McCain vs. McCain debates will be held over the coming weeks, with the two McCains arguing over other issues.

“We’re glad that John McCain has finally agreed to debate himself, but unfortunately, the American people are the real losers when it comes to McCain’s rhetoric,” Wineke said. “Having made it clear that he is willing to pander and change his positions in order to win the Republican nomination, how can John McCain possibly expect voters to trust him to deliver the change the American people want? McCain’s double-talk speaks for itself. We’re pleased the Democratic National Committee is providing Senator McCain the opportunity to make his case for a third Bush term directly to Wisconsinites.”

For a front row seat to the debates, go to and see for yourself.