John McCain Promises Wisconsin Families a Third Bush Term on the Economy

Mar 05, 2008

Washington, DC –Hours after clinching his Party’s nomination this week, the one-time “maverick” completed his transformation into a full-fledged Bush Republican by heading to the White House this afternoon to receive President Bush’s formal endorsement. Never before has it been this clear: John McCain offers nothing but a third Bush term.

Despite widespread economic anxieties facing working families in Wisconsin and across America, McCain said he thinks the economy is strong and refuses to say whether he supports President Bush’s threat to veto a Democratic bill to help struggling homeowners fighting to avoid foreclosure.  Instead, McCain’s idea of short-term economic stimulus for working families is making President Bush’s tax cuts for the rich permanent… in 2010.

“By rushing to President Bush’s side, John McCain is showing Wisconsinites that a vote for John McCain is a vote for a third Bush term,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Joe Wineke.  “Wisconsin’s working families already understand that John McCain is out of touch with the issues they are confronting each day.  The closer voters look at the real McCain record, the more they will realize he cannot be trusted to deliver the change America wants.”

Third Bush Term on the Economy…

McCain’s Short-Term Solution For the Economy? Tax Cuts for the Wealthy in Two Years, Of Course. When asked what efforts who have a short-term impact on the economy, McCain responded “In the shorter term, if you somehow told American businesses and families, ‘Look, you’re not going to experience a tax increase in 2010,’ I think that’s a pretty good short-term measure. And as far as confidence is concerned, I think if you say, ‘Congress is going to cut corporate taxes right away,’ if you say that you’ve got a plan to eliminate the AMT, I think some of those are kind of short-term measures right now.” [Wall Street Journal, 3/3/08]

Republicans Postponing Consideration of Housing Bill So McCain Doesn’t Have to Make a Hard Vote. “Consideration of the mortgage package was delayed earlier in the week when a debate over the Iraq War lasted longer than expected. At the time, Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin, D-Ill., maintained that Republicans were intentionally delaying consideration of the mortgage package so that Arizona Sen. John McCain — the presumptive GOP presidential nominee — would not have to cast a vote on the bill before the March 4 Ohio primary.” [Congressional Quarterly Today, 2/27/2008]