Poll Numbers Show Walker Needs to Start Working with Democrats

Feb 26, 2016

Poll Numbers Show Walker Needs to Start Working with Democrats
Yesterday, a new Marquette University poll showed that Governor Scott Walker’s approval numbers are still under water with 55% of Wisconsinites disapproving of the job he is doing. That needle has not moved for Walker since his State of the State two months ago, where he made no mention of reaching across the aisle to work with Democrats.

It is obvious that Wisconsinites are hungry for real change and real leadership, the sort that Democrats are offering with forward-looking proposals like the Badger Blueprint, and their efforts to reduce college debt, expand Medicaid, and invest in education around the state. 
Had Walker worked with Democrats, he wouldn’t be facing such negative attention:

Wisconsin State Journal

The Capital Times

Associated Press
Associated Press 
After his failed presidential campaign, Walker returned to Wisconsin determined to improve his poll numbers and provide political cover for the Republican legislators who rubberstamped his failed agenda. Since his return, we’ve seen invite-only listening sessions and window-dressing proposals that have more utility as a campaign trail talking point than they do as smart, sound policy that will improve the lives of everyday citizens.   
With Walker’s disapproval ratings staying so high for the past 7 months, it is clear that the people of Wisconsin are ready for new leadership in 2016 and beyond.