Pence & Walker Optics Hide Tax Breaks for the Rich

Sep 28, 2017

For Immediate Release
Sept. 28, 2017
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Pence and Walker Stage Wisconsin Visit to Promote Tax Giveaways to the Top 1%

Wisconsin deserves to hear the facts about the latest GOP tax plan that has more tax cuts for the rich while increasing rates on low-income Americans

MADISON — Today Republican Gov. Scott Walker joined Vice President Mike Pence for a photo op designed to distract from who their new national tax plan really helps. However, their staged optics are not fooling the people of Wisconsin or Indiana. We have experienced the GOP record pushing ‘reform’ plans that overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy and giant corporations. In response, Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Martha Laning released this statement: 

“As governors, Mike Pence and Scott Walker share a record of touting so-called reforms that actually lavish tax breaks overwhelmingly on the wealthy. Today Gov. Walker will help Vice President Pence peddle a national tax cut for the rich and big corporations that was crafted by former Wall Street insiders. In contrast, Democrats across our state will continue to fight for jobs, health care and an economy focused on the needs of Wisconsin’s middle-class families.”

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