One Year of Donald Trump Isn't Enough for Ron Johnson

Jun 16, 2016

One year after Trump launched his presidential campaign, voters in Wisconsin are still stuck with the “Ronald and The Donald Show.” So to mark their one year anniversary we thought we’d take a walk down memory lane, and remind Senator Johnson of the all the sexist, xenophobic and racist comments Trump has made . 

It should be noted that Sen. Johnson has said he would pull his support for the presumptive Republican nominee if Trump said anything that “crosses the line.” Since he is still wholeheartedly committed to The Donald, it’s clear none of these comments crossed the line for Johnson.

Of course, Wisconsinites have never warmed to Trump the way Johnson has. A majority of voters in a new PPP poll said Johnson should pull his support from Trump, and even many of the state’s prominent Republicans like Reid Ribble and Charlie Sykes led the “Never-Trump” movement.

But while Wisconsinites are sick of the Ronald and the Donald Show, Johnson can’t get enough. In fact, he’s so attached to Trump he can’t even find the right words to express his commitment. In just one month he’s endorsed him, supported him and been in “total agreement” with him on the “big issues” like nominating Supreme Court justices.