Not Even Republicans Trust Kevin Nicholson

Jul 28, 2017

KevinForWisconsin.com Details History of Nicholson Lies

 After only two days of Kevin Nicholson’s candidacy for Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate seat, not only is the GOP primary already gotten mean and petty, Kevin is facing an avalanche of skepticism and negative reviews from well-known conservatives.

Check out the commentary:

Mark Belling, Conservative Milwaukee Radio Host:
“You’ve made the decision to enter politics and government at the second highest level that we have: the United States Senate. You’re not running for the school board, you’re not even running for the state legislature. You’re not running for Congress. You’re running for the United States Senate. Some might suggest that you don’t know enough to be a senator.”

“You not only were a liberal when you were younger, you were very ambitious and successful in moving up the ranks, the Democratic party. You were a member of the Democratic National Committee. You spoke at the Democratic National Convention, spoke in fact, on the issue of making sure that we keep abortion legal. That wasn’t that long ago.”

“This pac that’s been set up to support, well this independent PAC set up by Richard Uihlein of the Uline Corporation, he may intend to spend millions in the Republican primary on your behalf, is your candidacy simply a vehicle for Uihlein to get one of his, someone that he admires, into the Senate?”

Jerry Bader, Conservative Green Bay Radio Host:
“Earlier this month, Jason Stein at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, potential U.S. Senate candidate took few visible on veteran homes concerns. State veterans board member and potential, now announced, U.S. Senate candidate did not directly respond to safety concerns that critics raised to him about Wisconsin’s largest veterans home at King over the past four years. A Journal Sentinel review of his email show the first documented action on King home taken by former Marine Kevin Nicholson is a request he made in March for a report on the state home in Waupaca county which followed months of critical news stories about it.”
“He’s going to have to prove that his conservative voting views are just that, bonafides… there in fact is a big challenge ahead for Kevin Nicholson when you have rock solid conservatives in the field.”

Dan O’Donnell, Conservative Milwaukee Radio Host:
“In the primary, you are very likely going to take on State Senator Leah Vukmir, who has a very long track record of Conservative votes. Whereas you fully admit that you were`a Democrat there are some questions about your time in 2008, and you don’t have a proven track record, at least on paper, for voting for the same Conservative causes. I mean Vukmir was standing with Governor Walker through the Act 10 battle. She’s been a reliable Conservative vote…”

“Some of the questions have been raised about a Super PAC supporting you called Solutions for Wisconsin. It’s raised about $3.5 million, which is a very big sum this early in a senatorial campaign. But for all intents and purposes, all that money comes from one man, Richard Uihlein. How do you respond to some concerns, legitimate concerns, that your candidacy is essentially the product of one man? A sort of reverse oligarchy… you see how that kind of rubs people the wrong way, like is this guy just a puppet of Richard Uihlein?”

And even before Nicholson announced, his candidacy was questioned by the right:

Christian Schneider, Conservative columnist with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
“Nicholson, who has since become a U.S. Marine veteran and businessman, actually addressed the 2000 Democratic National Convention, promoting both legal abortion and the nomination of Vice President Al Gore. Now that he’s floating his name as a possible GOP senator, Nicholson claims he no longer holds these views, and frequently mentions his life as a Democrat in his speeches.” He concluded that Nicholson, “better be ready to spend a lot of money convincing GOP voters that they now possess Republican brains.”

Jerry Bader, Conservative Green Bay Radio Host:
“I think there are a lot of questions about Kevin Nicholson, just as a lot of questions about Nicole Schneider raised. […] I think Kevin Nicholson is still in for a very problematic run. There are equally serious questions about his conversion from liberalism to conservatism.”

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning commented on Nicholson’s unwelcome candidacy, “Wisconsin Republicans know that Kevin Nicholson is a fake conservative, lying time and time again to gain the support of an out-of-state billionaire. The people of Wisconsin are sick and tired of greedy millionaires and billionaires mucking up Wisconsin elections for their personal benefit. Even Republicans are getting tired of their candidates putting their big funders ahead of the people of Wisconsin.”