"Nasty" Wisconsin GOP U.S. Senate Primary Still A Mess

Mar 14, 2018

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March 14, 2018
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“Nasty” Wisconsin GOP U.S. Senate Primary Still A Mess

Even potential candidate Eric Hovde is joining in on the personal attacks 

MADISON — Today’s latest Wisconsin GOP U.S. Senate primary headline says it all: “Wisconsin GOP Senate candidates bicker over debates as campaign turns nasty.”

But what else is new? Wisconsin’s Republican Senate primary turned nasty months ago, and it’s gotten increasingly messy and divisive, since. (Yes, including the time that Vukmir and Nicholson signed a so-called “unity pledge” in early January… then went right back to attacking each other within hours.)

“Kevin Nicholson and Leah Vukmir’s deeply unpopular policy plans include taking health care away from up to 30 million Americans, gutting protections for Wisconsinites with preexisting conditions and cutting Social Security, Medicare and nursing home coverage,” said Brad Bainum, DPW spokesperson for the 2018 Senate race. “Of course they would rather focus on attacking each other instead of talking about the issues.” 

And it isn’t just Nicholson and Vukmir. The GOP primary has become so nasty — and so utterly petty — that even Wall Street hedge fund manager and potential candidate Senate candidate Eric Hovde is getting in on the action. At a Dane County GOP event last Saturday, Hovde warned that there’s “a lot to be worried about” regarding Nicholson’s ongoing dishonesty about his past.

Here’s a look at the Wisconsin GOP Senate primary’s escalating nastiness: