Tim Michels Still Dodging Press Inquiries About His Radical Views

Jun 02, 2022

Tim Michels Still Dodging Press Inquiries About His Radical Views


MADISON, Wis. – To celebrate Pride Month, Governor Evers raised the Progress Pride Flag over the Wisconsin State Capitol yesterday. This marks the fourth year Pride has been celebrated over the Capitol, and the first year the Progress Pride Flag has been raised – a tradition that Rebecca Kleefisch and Kevin Nicholson said they would end if they were governor.

Tim Michels however, again, dodged journalists and bent over backwards to avoid answering questions about his radical views on marriage equality.

To Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “.@michelsforgov does not say whether he would fly the LGBTQ flag or if he supports same-sex marriage. He blamed @GovEvers for high gas prices and other problems.”

To WKOW 27: “.@michelsforgov did not answer whether he’d fly the flag as gov., saying instead, ‘I think people of all sexual orientations would rather not have the government call them non-essential, close businesses, schools and churches and…cause the price of gas to approach $5 a gallon.'”

To The Cap Times: “In response to a request for comment on Wednesday’s flag-raising ceremony, Michels focused on the effects of public health orders that affected businesses during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

And just as a reminder: Michels has previously supported a Constitutional ban on marriage equality and said that he doesn’t believe LGTBQ+ people should ‘bring it out of [the] house’: “When you bring it out of your house and onto the public street, that’s where I differ.”