KevinForWisconsin.com Update: 5 Questions For Kevin to Answer… Truthfully

May 09, 2017

Last week, the Associated Press broke the news that Kevin Nicholson registered as a Democrat in 2005 AND voted in the 2008 Democratic Presidential primary in 2008. While the AP did a great job uncovering Kevin’s lies about his political beliefs, some questions still linger. Before the GOP convention this weekend, Kevin needs to answer some questions for Wisconsin voters.
1. If you were “livid” with the Democratic Party by 2007 why didn’t you change your party registration in 2008?
2. If your wife’s contribution in January 2008 was for you, and you supported John McCain in the May 6th primary, again, why didn’t you vote for Republicans? How long has your wife made donations in your name?
3. How did you vote on the other Democratic races on the 2008 democratic ballot in which “no preference” wasn’t an option?
4. Did you change your story to get Illinois millionaire Dick Uihlein’s money?
5. Why should Wisconsinites believe you now?
“Kevin Nicholson needs to come clean before this weekend’s GOP convention,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Brandon Weathersby. “If anyone other than an out-of-state millionaire is going to support his candidacy, Kevin Nicholson needs to tell Wisconsin voters the truth for a change. Conservative columnist Christian Schneider is right. Wisconsinites do have a very acute manure tolerance meter. Kevin Nicholson doesn’t pass the smell test.”