AG Kaul, ACA Beneficiaries Rip Trump’s ACA Repeal Threats, Republican Attacks on Health Care

Dec 01, 2023

AG Kaul, ACA Beneficiaries, Rip Trump’s ACA Repeal Threats, Republican Attacks on Health Care

MADISON, Wis. — Today, Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul spoke out on Donald Trump’s repeated threats to “terminate” the Affordable Care Act. Joined by Wisconsinites with personal experiences with the ACA, AG Kaul drew a sharp contrast between Republicans’ repeated attempts to rip away Wisconsinites’ health care, and President Biden and Democrats’ fight to protect and expand access to affordable health care to all Wisconsinites.

Watch the event, and see what speakers had to say, in part, below:

Attorney General Kaul: “Donald Trump is attacking the Affordable Care Act, and that’s the opposite of what we need to be doing. What we hear from Wisconsinites is that we need to be making health insurance coverage more affordable and more accessible. And we have an opportunity to do that in the state of Wisconsin by expanding Medicaid. The expansion of Medicaid would result in tens of thousands of additional Wisconsinites being covered. It would save an enormous amount of money that could be put to use, among other things, working to expand access to health insurance coverage. I can’t think of a better way for Republicans in the State Legislature to send a message that they don’t agree with Donald Trump on this, than to come back and expand Medicaid, and so far they haven’t been willing to do that. We would like to see that change made.”

ACA Beneficiary, student Chandra Chouhan: “The Affordable Care Act has also benefited me and my family directly by allowing parents to keep their dependents under their plans until the age of 26. My younger brother and I have earned this privilege of remaining covered as we pursue our education, sparing us the burden of paying for costly private insurance. […] When I hear Donald Trump and Wisconsin Republicans threatening to terminate the Affordable Care Act without any regard for the 40 million Americans that depend on it, I’m scared, disgusted and disheartened to witness such a blatant disregard for human life and our shared Democratic principles.”

Small business owner Patrick DePula: “Republicans are prioritizing large businesses over small businesses, and that continues to happen. […] As an employer too, the ACA is important because it’s also an economic development tool in the sense that it definitely gives small businesses parity with larger businesses that can afford much better health care plans, putting [small businesses] at a disadvantage.”

ACA Beneficiary, student Adam Meyer: “I will be turning 26 next year, and I will be needing to find my own healthcare. I, along with millions of Americans, have a preexisting condition. Without the ACA, it will become very difficult for me to find that. […] But with those protections, I don’t have to worry about getting that health care, either. These are small, simple, sensible measures that look to make sure that everyone has easy access to health care to protect themselves, that Trump is looking to strip away from us.”