ICYMI: Wisconsin Leads the National Trend: Republicans Struggle to Find Strong Challengers for Senate

May 09, 2017

Another day, another news article about Republicans refusing to challenge Senate Democrats in 2018. Today, the Associated Press released a news article highlighting Republicans failure to recruit top-tier challengers against Senate Democrats up for reelection in 2018. They specifically highlighted Wisconsin saying, “In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker and Rep. Sean Duffy have declined to challenge Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin. Instead, less-known Republicans, albeit some wealthy outsiders, are considering bids.”
After Rep Sean Duffy announced he wasn’t planning to run against Senator Tammy Baldwin as many expected, Wisconsin Republicans have been scrambling to find a replacement. Unfortunately, those replacements have been wrought with controversy and lies.
“Republicans are wringing their hands trying to choose between a candidate that praised Tammy Baldwin on twitter, voted in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary and an east coast hedge fund manager,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Brandon Weathersby. “Nothing will fix the fact that the Republican’s top candidates were scared off by Tammy Baldwin’s record of fighting for a Wisconsin economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.”