ICYMI: Ron Johnson Plans to Endorse Donald Trump

May 04, 2016

“I am going to certainly endorse the Republican nominee, and obviously it looks like that will be Mr. Trump…[we’re] going to make this country great again,” Senator Ron Johnson.
Johnson vows to back Trump as likely GOP nominee
May 4, 2016

With the path cleared for Donald Trump to become the Republican presidential nominee, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson says he won’t hesitate supporting the reality TV star and real estate mogul.

“I am going to certainly endorse the Republican nominee, and obviously it looks like that will be Mr. Trump,” Johnson, R-Wis., said Wednesday in Eau Claire.
Trump became the de facto nominee Tuesday after a decisive primary win in Indiana that prompted the last two rivals from a field that once totaled 17 Republicans to drop out of the race. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who decisively won the Wisconsin GOP primary just four weeks earlier, announced the suspension of his bidTuesday night, and multiple media reports indicate Ohio Gov. John Kasich will follow suit Wednesday evening.
Some healing may be necessary among Republicans after a highly divisive campaign, but Johnson said he believes Republicans will be able to unite behind Trump because of their strong dislike of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.
“I think when Americans really start looking at who Hillary Clinton is and her dereliction of duty, the corruption, all the baggage she brings to her candidacy — she has more baggage than an airport claim area — it’s going to be an election of contrasts, (Clinton) vs. our nominee who again comes from the private sector and actually understands how harmful government is,” Johnson said before a business roundtable event at the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce that was part of his statewide tour formally announcing his re-election bid.
As a businessman, Trump knows how to negotiate, Johnson said, adding, “I’m happy to let Donald Trump negotiate better trade deals.”

The Wisconsin Democratic Party was quick to pounce on Johnson’s support for Trump, calling attention to some of the presumptive GOP nominee’s controversial stands.
“Ron Johnson has embraced Donald Trump and publicly said he will back the Republican nominee,” state Democratic Party spokesman Harry Hartfield saidWednesday in a statement. “With Trump now all but certain to be the nominee, voters have the right to know: Does Sen. Johnson believe women who get abortions should be put in prison? Does he believe Mexican Americans are rapists? And does he believe we should limit the First Amendment to make it easier to sue reporters? The time for Johnson’s political games is over, Wisconsinites deserve answers.”
Johnson said Trump’s emergence is a product of Americans’ anger with the status quo and desire to be led by someone who is not a career politician.

“I think the story of this election cycle is the American people have wised up to the professional political class, how utterly failed the government is and how the professional career politicians have failed the American public,” Johnson said.
He equated Trump with “disruptive technology” that disrupts markets in sometimes unexpected ways.
“The American public is sick of what’s been happening for decades and they’re looking for true change that’s going to make this country great,” Johnson said, quoting Trump’s campaign slogan. “We are a great country, but we’ve got to make it even greater.”