ICYMI: Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner Doubles Down On Donald Trump's Anti-Muslim Ban

Jan 31, 2017

Just eleven days into his presidency, Americans continue to pour into the streets to demonstrate against President Trump’s violation of American values and endangerment of our country with his anti-Muslim ban. Since Friday, we’ve seen a massive backlash from the American people, key security experts, U.S. businesses, and even Republican lawmakers. 

Instead of being on the side of the people, long-time Washington insider, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, is doubling-down on his support for the President’s anti-Muslim ban signed into law last week.

During a Saturday night town hall meeting in Jefferson, Rep. Sensenbrenner expressed support for denying entry to people with green cards. Since then, the Congressman of 38 years has tried to walk back his statement, but his support the illegal and unconstitutional law remains even as his own constituents vocally express their displeasure. 

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports of protests and pointed questions at Rep. Sensenbrenner’s Menomonee Falls Village Hall held on Sunday night, “Loudly chanting ‘No ban. No wall. America has room for all’ outside the room where Sensenbrenner was meeting with constituents, many of the people who came to the Menomonee Falls Village Hall for the last of three town hall gatherings scheduled by the congressman over the weekend were upset about Trump’s moves in the first week of his presidency,” the Milwaukee newspaper reports.  

“Our values aren’t just for bumper stickers and Hallmark cards. Americans live out our values, they’re what keep us safe and move our nation forward each day,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning said on Tuesday. “I can’t believe that Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner would support such a mean-spirited and unAmerican law while his own constituents implore him to denounce it. He is clearly out-of-touch with the American people and too caught up in Washington D.C.’s ugly political games to effectively represent the 5th district.”