ICYMI: Poll: Support for Foxconn treading water

Jun 22, 2018

MADISON — New polling from Marquette University Law School has public support in the gutter for Scott Walker’s $4.5 billion taxpayer giveaway to Foxconn:

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “more voters think the project developed by Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn won’t benefit businesses in other areas of the state, nor is it worth the $4.5 billion in state and local tax incentives the company is receiving to build the project.”

Gee, we wonder why…

Foxconn‘s Wisconsin plant moves one step closer, upsetting homeowners: “the planned project is making enemies among some local homeowners. The village board of Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, voted on Monday to designate the entire development site as “blighted,” allowing it to seize the land needed to build the complex. That land includes about 2,800 acres of farmland and several dozen homes”

Gurnee raises alarm on $10B Foxconn plan in Wisconsin: “Kovarik said the project will turn hundreds or thousands of acres of farmland into impermeable surface that if not properly managed could increase the amount of rain that runs down the Des Plaines River. ‘That could be completely wiped out,’ [Mayor] Kovarik said. ‘If you damage the environment you can’t fix it. You can’t say ‘whoops’ and want a redo or want a mulligan. It doesn’t work that way.’”

Wisconsin is shifting up to $90 million in local road funding to Foxconn-related projects: “a memo from the Legislature’s nonpartisan budget office found that, even after accounting for the savings, the state still has $70 million to $90 million less for other road projects after allocating the money to prepare for Foxconn Technology Group. The report also found that the condition of state roads is expected to deteriorate over the next decade.”

Foxconn Plant Would Add to Air Pollution in Wisconsin: “State documents show emissions from Foxconn Technology Group’s planned manufacturing complex would rank among the highest in southeastern Wisconsin for toxins that create air pollution known as smog.”

Foxconn package cost Wisconsin eight times as much per job as similar 2017 state jobs deals: “To land the massive Foxconn factory, Gov. Scott Walker has committed the state to paying more than eight times as much per job as Wisconsin will provide under similar job creation deals struck last year”

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