Gov. Walker Continues to neglect student loan debt crisis

Sep 27, 2016

For six years Scott Walker and the Republicans have refused to address the crisis of student loan debt, and today’s charade of a press conference has not changed that trend. 
Instead of addressing the student loan debt crisis with a real plan, Walker took the moment to promote the big banks that continue to profit off the backs of Wisconsin borrowers. Furthermore, Walker is complacent with the student debt everyday Wisconsinites face and is unwilling to support legislation that allows borrowers to refinance their student loans at a lower interest rate, just as an individual can do with a mortgage.
“It’s time for Wisconsin lawmakers to put the future of the next generation before their greedy special interest pals who are inappropriately making money on the backs Wisconsinites,” 
Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning said on Tuesday. “There is no acceptable reason for not allowing students to negotiate their loans like we can with a mortgage. Instead of pandering to their special interest pals, Scott Walker and the Republicans should focus on helping the more than one million Wisconsinites burdened with over $19 billion in student loan debt.”
Walker and the Republicans inaction is doing lasting damage to Wisconsin’s economy. Instead of investing in homes, cars, and others good and services, too many Wisconsinites are burdened with massive student loan debt, and are being forced to choose between putting food on the table and paying monthly rent.
“We need new Democratic leadership in Madison that will put the needs of Wisconsin’s borrowers first instead of big money interests. Democrats believe everyone should be able to save money by refinancing their student loan debt at lower interest rates. No one should be punished for trying to get a good education and neither should our economy,” Laning concluded.