Half of GOP Yacht Sale Bidders Remain Silent on Trumpcare

Jun 22, 2017

Senate Republicans have finally revealed their secret Trumpcare bill to the public and as U.S. Senators and the American people attempt to digest Republicans’ latest attempt to eliminate health care for millions, potential GOP Senate candidates have remained silent on the issue.

The GOP yacht sale primary has heated up in recent weeks with nasty lobs launched at Nicole Schneider by D.C. Leah, “anonymously” between Kevin Nicholson and Nicole Schneider and even by D.C. Leah on conservative talk radio. While these GOP Senate contenders attack each other to show their conservative bonafides, their silence speaks volumes on the substantive policy facing the U.S. Senate that will directly impact the people of Wisconsin.

The secret bill released today largely mirrors the House version of Trumpcare, by deeply slashing Medicaid, cutting funding for opioid coverage, and threatening health care coverage for people with pre-existing conditions – all to pay for a massive tax giveaway for millionaires, billionaires, and corporations.

Two yacht sale primary contenders have made their opinions known, but two have not.

Hedge fund manager Eric Hovde has taken a strong stance on the House bill saying, “I would have voted for it the first time around.”

Hovde started out by attacking top leaders in the Republican establishment, saying, “Let’s be honest, it wasn’t pretty the first go-around. Do I blame President Trump for that? Yes. He deserves some of the credit.” But he then goes on to blame Wisconsin’s own Speaker of the House Paul Ryan saying, “But where does most of the credit go? To Republican members in the House. And while I like Paul Ryan, I think he mishandled that very poorly.”

And yesterday, D.C. Leah tweeted a series of thoughts on the health care proposal after she released a statement that said she wants to get Wisconsinites care through the, “innovative solutions we had before Obamacare.” Those innovative solutions before Obamacare forced millions to go with insufficient or no healthcare coverage, putting families and neighbors at constant risk of medical bankruptcy.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Brandon Weathersby commented, “Hedge fund manager Eric Hovde is on board with Trumpcare. So is D.C. Leah. If Kevin Nicholson and Nicole Schneider say silent, it’s obvious they agree with the leader of their party leaders. Only speaking out against their party’s disastrous legislation will change that.”