For Sen. Johnson, Wisconsin's Opioid Crisis "A Huge Problem" He'll Do Nothing About

Mar 02, 2016

For Sen. Johnson, Wisconsin’s Opioid Crisis “A Huge Problem” He’ll Do Nothing About
Johnson famously said doing nothing is also an action.” That phrase has taken on a much darker meaning today. 

In the face of a full-fledged opioid crisis that is ravaging our communities, Ron Johnson again chose to stand with Washington Republicans at the expense of Wisconsinites suffering from addiction.
When faced with a chance to act on this crisis, today Johnson again chose inaction by voting against $600 million in emergency funding to fight the national opioid epidemic. Families in Wisconsin and across the country will go without the prevention and education provided for in the Shaheen amendment. They’ll go without increased treatment. And they’ll go without additional aid to local law enforcement to combat this crisis.
Prescription and heroin overdoses are at an all-time high according to the CDC. 

“Senator Ron Johnson has called the opioid epidemic ‘a huge problem.’  But when presented with an opportunity to actually do something for the countless Wisconsin families afflicted by this crisis, Johnson voted against helping the families he’s supposed to represent,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Kory Kozloski said on Wednesday. “For Sen. Johnson, not even a national tragedy is worth breaking ranks with his party.”