Dems Call For Special Session To Address Workforce Training, Gov. Scott Walker Skips Out To Washington For Photo-Op

Jun 15, 2017

One day after Assembly Democrats called on Republicans to increase economic opportunity by addressing the creation of good-paying jobs through a special session, Gov. Scott Walker left the state for a photo-op with President Trump. 

Three years in a row Wisconsin has ranked dead last in entrepreneurial activity, and in 2016 the state lost nearly 4,000 manufacturing jobs. Democrats know that the state needs a long-term plan for job creation to ensure economic security for all people in all communities throughout Wisconsin. That’s why Democrats introduced a package of legislation aimed at job creation, workforce training, equal pay, and start-ups. 

“In six years, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and workers have suffered mightily under Gov. Scott Walker and his indifference to creating long-term economic growth,” reacted Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Brandon Weathersby. “Instead of prioritizing photo ops with Washington elites, the Governor should focus on making it easier for mom and pop stores on Main Street in communities throughout the state to thrive, giving entrepreneurs the freedom to create a new business, or giving workers the opportunity to gain the skills they need to earn a well-paying job.” 

This morning, Gov. Walker joined President Trump at the signing of an executive order that takes money from existing job-training programs to fund new apprenticeships, cuts corners, and doesn’t provide workers with credentials backed by the rigorous standards of existing programs.

Furthermore, much like Walker’s record here in Wisconsin, Trump’s budget proposal doesn’t match his rhetoric on worker training. The President’s budget eliminates multiple job training and education programs at the expense of the manufacturers and small businesses he promised to save. The proposal would also cut billions of dollars from programs that are vital to rural America, including $175 million to support rural airports and  $95 million from the Rural Business and Cooperative Service, which provides job training and business development in rural communities. 

“Gov. Walker should answer the call of Assembly Democrats and call a special session to find a long-term solution to address Wisconsin’s workforce,” concluded Weathersby.