Democratic Party of Wisconsin Statement on AG Brad Schimel Request To Supreme Court For A Stay In Redistricting Lawsuit Ruling

May 22, 2017

The following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning with regards to Attorney General Brad Schimel’s request for the Supreme Court Of The United States to stay an order for new legislative maps: 

“Last year, a panel of three judges on the 7th Judicial Circuit Court found the Republican 2011 legislative maps – created in secret – to be unconstitutional. Instead of complying with the Supreme Court’s order, Wisconsin Republicans have fought it every step of the way by filing an appeal and today requesting a stay on the November 2016 order.

“Attorney General Brad Schimel’s request is a pathetic attempt at upholding an unconstitutional law. Wisconsinites would be better served if Schimel cared as much about fair district lines as he does about buying promotional coins for the Department of Justice.    

“The fact is that the court rightfully scrutinized district lines that inhibit the right to vote and favor the rights of a select few special interests over the rights of hard-working Wisconsinites who just want their voices heard. 

“Schimel should end his tremendous waste of taxpayer resources and urge the legislature to create new lines as requested by the highest court in the land that respects Wisconsin’s tradition of fair and open government and ensures that all of the people and communities in our state are represented equally.”