Congressman Dave Obey Calls Out Speaker Paul Ryan for Timid Response to Donald Trump

Oct 10, 2016

Congressman Dave Obey released the following statement in light of Speaker Paul Ryan’s continued support of Donald Trump:  

“Paul Ryan’s split level leadership which says he will not defend Donald Trump but will not withdraw his endorsement of him is morally confused and politically useless. Because of Trump’s toxic contempt for women, Mexicans, homeless immigrants, military families, war heroes like John McCain and almost any other group you can find, Ryan says he will not defend Trump. But because Ryan puts political survival ahead of long-standing Republican principles he continues to endorse him.

“Clearly, the GOP has lost the ability to govern. Ryan acolytes in the house such as my successor Sean Duffy need to tell Ryan to quit falling off both sides of the same horse for the good of the nation and his own party. It is pretty hard for individual Republicans to follow party leadership if that leadership is riding in both directions at the same time.”