BREAKING: Veteran's Daughter Slams Sen. Johnson for Exploiting Their Tragedy on Debate Stage

Oct 20, 2016


Family unhappy with Johnson’s failure and his desperate political exploitation 
In an explosive interview this morning on WXOW, Candace Delis, whose father died due to negligent VA care, called out Senator Johnson for using her father aa a political prop for his reelection bid.
In Friday’s WBAY debate, Senator Johnson reference his work with the Delis family when asked about how he would improve the VA system in Wisconsin. Delis heard her name referenced and decided to speak out, watch it here. Delis detailed how after her father was left dying in a VA waiting room she reached out to Sen Johnson’s office for an independent investigation. But Delis says, Johnson refused to take responsibility for his own failures and instead tried to score political points off her father’s tragic death. Delis first reported her story to the Associated Press.
You can watch the full WXOW story here