BREAKING: Report Shows Walker Administration Can't Account for Nearly 3,000 Sex Offenders in WI

Aug 27, 2018

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August 27, 2018
Contact: Courtney Beyer,

BREAKING: Report Shows Walker Administration Can’t Account for Nearly 3,000 Sex Offenders in WI

Response from DPW Chair Martha Laning:

“As a mother, I am deeply disturbed by these revelations and what it means for our communities and children. Scott Walker’s neglect and failed management when it comes to public safety has put us all at risk, and it is outrageous that Walker and his administration can’t tell us where nearly 3,000 sex offenders are or how dangerous they are.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Corrections officials don’t have current info for nearly 3,000 sex offenders, state analysis shows
By Molly Beck 
State corrections officials don’t have current information for nearly 3,000 people convicted of sexual crimes, a new state analysis shows.
Of the more than 25,000 offenders on the state’s Sex Offender Registry, 2,735 are considered non-compliant as of Aug. 20 — which could mean the offender has reported a false address to the Department of Corrections, or they haven’t updated their place of employment with the state, among other violations. 

“I just find it pretty outrageous and unacceptable that we have thousands of sex offenders unaccounted for,” said Rep. Sondy Pope, D-Cross Plains, who requested the analysis.

Pope, who sits on the Assembly Corrections Committee, requested the breakdown before a registered sex offender from Lincoln County with a history of non-compliance was charged with allegedly touching the genitals of a 13-year-old boy, offering to perform oral sex on him, and trying to kiss the boy several times.
“I think the fact that a child was assaulted is an indication that harm is being done,” Pope said about the case. “This is not a fabricated concern.”

Pope says Walker should get his own house in order. 
“I watch what Governor Walker is doing to Tony Evers and I think goodness me,” Pope said. “Here you sit with 3,000 sex offenders unaccounted for and what are you doing?”
Pope said the number of sex offenders not in compliance with state law is another example of Walker’s inattention to corrections issues in Wisconsin.
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