All the Ron Johnson in all the wrong places

Jul 29, 2015

Senator Ron Johnson is making all the wrong moves and finding himself in all the wrong places according to a scathing editorial from The Capital Times:

What distinguishes Ron Johnson is not merely that he is an unthinking partisan who breaks with honest conservatives to cast party-line votes on behalf of Wall Street interests — although, just to be clear, this is consistently the case.
What distinguishes Ron Johnson is not merely that he has neglected Wisconsin constituents and communities in order to make more time for appearances on Republicans-can-do-no-wrong talk radio shows, where he knows his foibles will go mentioned — although, just be clear, this is consistently the case.
No, what distinguishes Ron Johnson is his consistent disrespect for the intelligence of the voters of Wisconsin. 

The editorial comes on the heels of a week’s worth of mistakes that embarrass Wisconsin and showcase Senator Johnson’s out-of-touch representation of special interests over Wisconsinites:

“Idiot Inner City Kids” —

Senator Johnson drew national attention for referring to Wisconsin students as “idiot inner city kids” on the radio. Johnson expressed regret for his comments, but failed to address them in an interview on the same radio show with the same host a day after news of his insensitive comment surfaced. 

Ron Johnson’s “Clown Show” —

Senator Johnson turned a hearing on Iran into a “clown show” according to Vox, who referred to Johnson’s unexpected lecture about electromagnetic pulses as a waste of time:

Johnson’s line of questioning, to a top-of-his-field nuclear physicist, is a little like asking Neil Armstrong if he thinks the moon landing might have been faked.

“Pants on Fire” —

Politifact Wisconsin took Ron Johnson’s allies to task for running a misleading ad featuring a fake photo of President Obama. “Restoration PAC” was awarded a “Pants on Fire” rating for their ad, which was temporarily pulled from YouTube. 

Meanwhile, Johnson has still failed to give a yes or no answer to Russ Feingold’s offer of a bipartisan Badger Pledge to limit misleading third-party ads like this one.

Recap —

Ron Johnson’s insensitive comments and week worth of mistakes put his out-of-touch beliefs on full display. It’s no surprise the Capital Times called Johnson an “unthinking partisan;” it’s consistent with the moniker he was awarded in 2014 as the ‘most clueless member of the U.S. Senate.’