2nd Tier District-Level DNC Delegate Alternates

The following individuals were elected as alternates at their county-level caucus on Apr 28th. These individuals will be eligible to replace a county-level delegate *of the same gender* should they be unable to attend the May 19th, 2nd Tier Caucus. Individuals replacing delegates must fill out a delegate replacement form found at wisdems.org/2024dnc.

Congressional District 1:

  • Eileen DiMarco, Walworth
  • Agnes Hanson, Walworth
  • Anita Loch, Walworth
  • Wendy Moon, Walworth
  • Jenna Oasen, Walworth

Congressional District 2:

  • None

Congressional District 3:

  • Jack Allgaier, Portage
  • Joan Garski, Portage
  • Ned Grossnickle, Portage
  • Stella Hawley, Portage
  • Janet Langton, Portage
  • Mildred Neville, Portage
  • William Schmit, Portage

Congressional District 4:

  • None

Congressional District 5:

  • None

Congressional District 6:

  • Barbara Eddy, Green Lake
  • Penny Howell, Green Lake
  • Karin Jones, Green Lake
  • Ken Knight, Green Lake
  • Larry Caves, Waushara
  • Charles Jones, Waushara

Congressional District 7:

  • Susan Hansen, Washburn